Call for Proposals 2020

Call for Proposals 2020 - aTUAção PerifaSul

The PerifaSul aTUAção Call for Proposals is an innovative notice because it was brought up by 4 organizations: Fundação ABH, Fundação Alphaville, Instituto Jatobás and Macambira Sociocultural.

The four institutions decided to join forces, knowledge and resources, with the objective of multiplying the scope and impact of their actions, contributing efficiently to the social development of the city, especially in the southern periphery of São Paulo.

The main objectives of this notice are:

  1. Identify and encourage initiatives that present innovative aspects that contribute to the improvement of local development;
  2. Sensitize and inspire local players to be protagonists in the territory in which they live;
  3. Connect interested players by encouraging the exchange of good practices to strengthen the social capital of the territory;
  4. Strengthen the group by sharing methodologies, financial resources, encouraging partnerships and networking.

The notice is divided into the following stages:

Meet the participating initiatives:

Capão Cidadão

The project is based on the maintenance and expansion of the jiu-jitsu workshops, school tutoring, ballet and urban dances, thus helping the intellectual, physical and cultural development of those assisted. These workshops contribute so that students are able to have better options during childhood and adolescence, living in a safe space and having greater access to information, consequently improving their personal and community development.

Reviveno Collective

Reviveno Collective Work aims to revitalize addicted points of garbage, such as alleys and squares, along with graffiti and recycling, contributing to local health and improving the visual aspect of the city, in addition to professionalizing young people in the profession of graffiti and educating art generating income for community. Within the collective work there is also an awareness of the local population about environmental aspects and how they impact everyone’s lives.

Capão Comedy

With the lack of leisure and entertainment options in the outskirt’s regions, Capão Comedy aims to bring quality stand-up comedy and make it accessible to the low-income population.

It also has the mission of giving visibility and, when necessary, training outskirts comedians so that they can present their work in an appropriate environment and thus have access to opportunities in other regions of the city.

Fora de Frequência Collective

The Fora de Frequência Collective Work aims to strengthen and disseminate Hip Hop through the promotion of its elements and the study of its history, in order to rescue its origins and emphasize its political role in society. As a result, the initiative will develop free events at the Centro Cultural Mocambo to residents of the community, adding the five elements of Hip Hop culture (DJ, MC, Breaking dance, Graffiti and Knowledge) such as: conversation circles, cultural workshops, hiring artists and local art educators and music artist production at popular prices.

It also aims to rescue the origins of Hip Hop and emphasize its political role in society, stimulating interaction between communities and their artists, facilitating artistic enjoyment and income distribution, valuing Hip Hop professionals and contributing to the professionalization of MCs, B .boys / girls, DJs, graffiti artists and professionals who are part of the productive chain of the segment.

CEI Caminhar com Amor

The Awakening of Consciousness project will carry out integrative practices of Yoga, Meditation, Shantala and Non-Violent Communication for the CEI team Walk with Love Unit II (Parque Santo Antônio) and III (Jardim Ângela), their children, young people and their families, thus covering the community.

These neighborhoods have a high rate of homicides and domestic violence, factors that expose children and families to an extremely vulnerable condition, negatively impacting their development.

In view of this reality, the project aims to impact this context by giving participants the opportunity to realize that there are other possibilities for living together, looking at each other with more respect and dignity.


The Batuquedum Project seeks to offer and share with the local community and its inhabitants: children, adolescents, youth, families and women, actions that promote access and interest in culture through workshops. It also aims to promote cultural agents, without giving drugs and marginality a chance because, by encouraging culture, it works to build an identity, education and show that there are great paths to life.

The workshops will have varied themes such as: affirmative actions (race, gender, black and outskirts youth, citizenship, ethics, ethnocentrism, sexuality, drugs), creative and solidary economy, art and culture (capoeira Angola, heritage dances, musical percussion, songs, contention) stories), environment & sustainability, community and institutional development: family and community meetings, among others.

Megê Design

Megê’s proposal is to offer three free mini-courses for setting up sustainable technologies that aim to improve challenges such as: misuse of water, garbage in the streets and streams as well as waste and poor energy management, giving autonomy and tools so that build an education that is concerned with the fate of our waste, the treatment of our water and other alternatives for energy generation in the region.

These mini-courses will be free of charge and are intended to promote community interaction with the solutions to these problems and will be divided into three formations: Assembly of Biodigester, Assembly of Cistern and Assembly of Solar Energy. In addition, in each training two participants will be selected to have one of these technologies applied in their homes. Direct action in the community has the potential to be multiplied for the rest of the region.


The EduCapão project aims to promote education and communication workshops to deconstruct stereotypes and create new narratives. Its mission is to bring students closer to the concepts of politics and citizenship, through communication techniques, making them more aware of their rights and duties. Its execution will take place as a continuation of a project supported in 2019 by the ABH Foundation, which aimed to introduce journalism techniques to 20 children and adolescents regularly enrolled in the activities of the NGO Interference.

In addition to the particular relevance, there is a latent social importance in the project, since Capão Redondo is one of the most fragile and populous districts in São Paulo.


E-Bairro is an online platform that serves as a showcase for the sale of products produced by local entrepreneurs in order to strengthen the social capital of the territory. In addition to e-commerce, it also articulates offline sales opportunities with participation in events and fairs as well as training and exchange opportunities.

Jardim São Luís has cultural movements in its history that made it possible to create cultural products and services that are the hallmark of this location. It is very difficult for the outskirts entrepreneur to take care of production, business management, accounting; it is necessary to bring him alternatives for development and economic arrangements. The proposal contributes to local development, as it opens up sales and visibility channels for these outskirts’ cultural productions for the neighborhood and surroundings in which they operate and also for inside and outside the country.

Real Thai Family

The community of Real Parque and Jardim Panorama is a favela with all the problems inherent to this type of territory, lack of government assistance and consequently territorial dominance of drug trafficking, lack of opportunity to generate income, leisure and culture, low school education, etc.

The Royal Thai Family Project, through muay thai classes, aims to create an opportunity to practice another sport besides soccer in the community, contributing to the personal development of the residents once the students develop their discipline, self-knowledge, self-control, respect for diversity and self-esteem.

Desatando Vidas

The Desatando Vidas Project, in Campo Belo, serves communities on the margins of Av. Jornalista Roberto Marinho and aims to take advantage of the time of young people with an extra occupation, thus forming winners through sport, health and education, providing students with a more familiar environment healthy.

During the activities, values, focus and discipline are worked through sport, making participants more aware citizens with better self-esteem.

Feminismo Comunitário

The Community Feminism Collective Work, located in the community of Real Parque, is aimed at strengthening outskirts women who suffer from domestic violence through monthly group support meetings, yoga and belly dance workshops, percussion workshops and soirees.

In addition to the workshops, the meetings deal sensitively with themes such as depression, women’s rights, women’s health, etc. and, with the support of the other members, it helps women to raise their self-esteem and pursue their dreams.

Decálogo JALC

The Cia de Artes Decálogo Jalc, through the project Labutas Lúdicas, aims to take theater plays, both on stage, in the street and in training, as well as circus acts, to produce multicultural actions, such as soiree and work shows in fixed and itinerants to the Jardim Ângela region, where cultural and leisure options are scarce.


Felicinema aims to offer residents of the Favela da Felicidade in Jardim São Luis cultural activities in different languages to enhance the individual and the collective with attention to personal, territorial and intellectual care and can provide transformations far beyond expectations.

With the projection of children’s cinema and presentation of documentaries, the participants discuss with professionals from different areas the issues inserted in the personal and social reality of the community in order to develop a critical reading of the reality and its challenges and enhance the joint action of its residents.

Kabuto Project

The Kabuto Project was created with the purpose of making social inclusion of underprivileged children through sport, showing them alternative paths that honor social principles and provide them with great growth, both personally and professionally.

Initially a karate project for children and young people in the communities of Campo Belo, today it also offers other modalities such as jiu jitsu, futsal, music classes and creative science.

Ser(tanejo) Comun(itário)

The “Ser.Comun” project believes on young people as an inducer of social mobilization and transformation. For this, it is essential that he masters the codes of modernity, other skills in terms of sociability, the expansion of his cultural repertoire and communicative fluency.

Its mission is to contribute to the improvement of the quality of life of the population of the Morumbi region, through a community development process that prioritizes young people. The project will offer country dance workshops in order to expand the cultural and informational universe of young people, stimulating creativity and deepening aesthetic and artistic skills.

Troupé na Rua Collective

The Troupé na Rua Collective Work brings joy, self-knowledge and entertainment through the circus to the outskirts. With circus workshops and presentations, resilience and patience are developed in children, young people and local residents who suffer from a lack of information and dialogue. These children and young people have dreams that are crushed by the things that they cannot have. And that is a rather difficult reality to conceive.

The collective works on these challenges through art, culture and sport and trains young people to also be part of the circus.

Financial Economics

It is no secret that, today, there is a lack of financial and economic guidance in the general population, where citizens spend what they have not yet received for future payment and are unable to plan their own expenditures, let alone save. This reality is even tougher for the low-income population, who end up getting into debt and spending the little they receive with high interest rates and enter the list of defaulters.

With this in mind, the Financial Economics Project aims to guide teenagers and their families on how to manage, organize and optimize their resources. Through lectures and group dynamics, practical examples will be presented and discussed to improve understanding of the topic and create continuity of conditions for future generations in the long run.

Karatê de Quebrada

Karate D’Quebrada aims to be a collaborative school that is prepared to serve students and motivate them through sport. To this end, they seek to create the first sports center in Campo Limpo, with different sports.

Quality education can create a more inclusive global society and economy. This helps to improve lives, expand economic opportunities and build tolerance and understanding. For this to happen, the Sports Center will act on 4 main pillars: empowerment of girls and women, education, sport and health (physical and mental).

Aquilombarte Project

The Aquilombarte Project has the mission of minimizing the lack of territorial precariousness indices pointed out in the inequality map, articulating sport, culture and information in serving the community of Jd. Angela and surroundings.

The proposal consists of using a space already referenced for capoeira practices and holding capoeira workshops (children and women), painting, handicrafts (seniors), body movement and expression (teenagers), in addition to circulating workshops for lectures and exchanges of ideas on health & good living and prevention of women’s lives. The impact is on the creation of identity, self-esteem, healthy quality of life, grouping people, welcoming and overcoming challenges.


The goal of Trançamor is for the community to be interested in promoting their own neighborhoods, to become professional in the field of aesthetics and to encourage a solidary and creative economy, taking advantage of the opportunity to promote culture through their ventures.

Thus, Trançamor will develop workshops and braiding classes for afro outskirts hairstyles and barbershop aiming to value black culture and improve self-esteem, especially for black women, who are often afraid to assume their characteristics. Another purpose is to provide opportunities for a new craft for community residents. All of this linked to the incentive of the regional solidarity and creative economy, exhibiting and selling products of local entrepreneurs.

Viela Project

The Viela Project’s proposal is to offer sport and culture to those who have been deprived of it for the most diverse reasons. Located in Jardim São Luis, the initiative is extremely important since it covers several aspects necessary for a healthier existence, seeking the integral formation of the citizen, both physically and intellectually.

With jiu jitsu and soccer classes always combined with reading, the project helps to reduce school drop-out rates, structure families, access opportunities and improve each other’s personal self, thus improving self-esteem. The Viela Project’s mission is to support children and adolescents in the community, between 4 and 18 years old, to carry out their life projects, always valuing respect, life and community well-being.

Rádio Comunidade

Radio Comunidade emerges as a fight channel for the democratization of information, in addition to preparing young people for communication environments, directing them to self-control and self-knowledge through the experience of being performing a live communication, in addition to interacting with non-accessible technology equipment. the large part of the population.

It aims to provide the opportunity to disseminate the ideas and initiatives of residents free of charge in a professional space, in addition to disseminating and propagating music by outskirts artists and major events in the region. Acting directly in the social dissemination of cultural attractions in the region, establish partnerships with schools and Basic Health Units to publicize events of importance to young people and the population.

Ceariba Mirim

The Ceariba Mirim Project is a foundation in the Real Parque community where, on Sundays, football brings the certainty of welcome, cooperation and citizen-friendship. The experiences and learnings that day have a direct impact on family life and community life, as it brings another look at relationships in general.

For 2020 there is a prospect of changes for the Project. Through tutoring and conciliation, it will be possible to leave the soccer field and officially enter homes, schools, NGOs at school hours and, finally, create a spiral of virtuous cooperation, empathy and ethics in action . With tutoring, children would have their source of trust in their peers, not only for the problems of Mathematics and Portuguese, but for life. Similarly, conciliation. Children would look and listen for life before giving their opinions and judging. Fundamental concepts for life in a plural society.

PIM – Periferia Inventando Moda

The population of the outskirts lacks access to the fashion universe. The main fashion events in the city have restricted access to the outskirt’s audience and, mainly, it does not expose the fashion production made in and by the outskirts. While high fashion seeks labor and inspiration in the peripheries, this population does not have access to these products and events.

The objective of PIM is to offer training of excellence for young people and adults who want to enter this universe of fashion, offering training courses for models, make-up artists and photographers and the Periferia Inventando Moda event, a dedicated and alternative showcase where professionals from the outskirts can exhibit. your work and enrich your professional experience. Learning and acting in workshops and events, strengthens the esteem and empowers each one in a very significant way, which reflects in all areas of their lives.