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Fostering local development of low income communities

Elos Institute is responsible for the Warriors Without Weapons Project, a practical training program in social leadership and entrepreneurship. The communities and participants gain support to develop and work on long term projects. The training acts among three low income communities of Santos that thrives with lack of infrastructure, basic sanitation, waste removal and extreme poverty. Based on collaborative processes and valuing existent social capital, warriors without weapons aims at strengthening community leading character through reflections and collective solutions in building concrete results for the community.



The co-investment provided by Fundação ABH and BrazilFoundation aimed at:

  • Training of entrepreneurs to work among and on behalf of low income communities;
  • Building and strengthening 10 to 20 community leadership groups;
  • Fostering three projects that will take place in public spaces of each community;
  • Mobilizing 500 local residents to work on participative actions.
  • 944 applicants from 57 countries participated in the selection process. Out of these, 222 participants completed the proposed games with 224 activities that impacted 30,336 people around the world;
  • 58 participants from 20 countries received training on Elos Philosophy and joined the GSA community
  • 3 communities of Santos area were impacted by the GSA where:
    • 325 residents participated in the talent show
    • 200 residents participated in planning meetings
    • 950 residents participated in the efforts that lasted 4 days where 29 dreams came through