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Elos Institute is a social organization focused on the community development of communities located at the Baixada Santista and around Brazil and the world through the Warriors Without Weapons. The institute is headquartered in the city of Santos / SP.

Its focus is to design and implement strategies to build together the best of the worlds. This work is based on the Elos Philosophy developed by them and recognized in the world.


Flexible Investment

ABH Foundation works with flexible investment for the organizations it supports. Elos Institute has established the following objectives for the investment provided:

2018/2019 Goals

  • To consolidate a participatory process so that residents take leadership and responsibility for community development;
  • To inspire, empower and advise the implementation of projects that contemplate and connect various local players and that can be linked to the management of coexistence environments, care with public property, planning and organization of community initiatives. Ensure that initiatives undertaken by the residents are a cultural, leisure or public utility tool
  • To promote practices of community development by means of monitoring of community leaderships according to Elos Philosophy.


  • 1 inspirational visit carried out

Caminho dos Pilões

  • Community group development called Avança Pilões Go Mortars with 98 participants;
  • Empowerment of residents;
  • Improvement of the relationship with the city of Cubatão and surrounding companies;
  • Creation of the solidarity bazaar to raise funds for the execution of actions;
  • Development of a recreation area for residents with playgrounds;
  • Development of a community garden;
  • Projects in the planning phase: soccer field and “Avança Pilões” group under development.

Monte Serrat

  • 23 residents participate in the discussion whatsapp group to discuss about the future of Monte Serrat;
  • Weekly movies show for children;
  • Renovation of the association main building.

Fisherman’s Village

  • Formation of Sonhar (Dreaming) community group with 47 participants;
  • Creation of a containerized children’s center;
  • Development of a schedule of cultural / educational activities;
  • Renovation of the children’s square;
  • Projects in the planning phase: football team, community Christmas dinner and English class.


“ The presence of Elos here in Pilões has shown us that we are able to fulfill the dreams we have. Before we’d been waiting for the government or the company that never came. We were outcasts. Now we realize that we can start with the very talents that exist here. After we started these projects, I saw that the city authorities started to visit more the neighborhood, other city organizations came to us to know what we are doing. Their look on us has changed! ” Valdemir Moreira da Silva (president of Pilões Improvements Association)


“(…) The presence of the Elos Institute has changed the behavior of the community, from the positive influence of volunteers , towards unity, self- esteem and that it is possible to make a difference in people’s lives.” Marli Vicente da Silva (president of ISAC Fishermen’s Village Social and Environmental Institute)