How We Do It

Local Community Development

Local Community Development is an approach to generate change from and not for communities. The idea is simple: communities can do more together, choosing to focus on what they have – their gifts, talents, and assets – rather than on what they need. It is a way to strengthen social capital and plan changes. It recognizes and honors the dignity of individuals and communities that have long been described as needy and disabled. At its core, this approach has the principles of inclusion, dignity, and democracy, with local actors as protagonists. It is a journey that consists of the following steps:

The role of the ABH Foundation is to guide local actors on this journey of knowledge and transformation, building bridges between them and with external actors, supporting them in the discovery of the assets they have, and thus strengthening network.


In this article, we explain what this practice is, how essential and relevant for all citizens of a community it is, and how we understand that through it, we can collaborate with the generation of sustainable social impact.

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