Affonso Brandão Hennel

Fundação Affonso Brandão Hennel

Affonso Brandão Hennel is an entrepreneur with strong and solid values, known for his perseverance, discipline, self-improvement, generosity, leadership and ethics. He has been always ahead of the trend, acting as a pioneer both in the area in which his company operate, as well as in the actions that promote the quality of life of his employees.

Momento da constituição da Fundação

Foundation incorporation Date – July 16, 2013 – Registration of ABH Foundation Articles of Incorporation with Dr. Airton Grazzioli, Full Curator of the São Paulo Foundations Public Prosecutor’s Office.

These same values were present throughout his life and his family and, inspired by such values and endowed with the dream of contributing actively and lastingly to a better world, his daughter Cristina Hennel Fay, founded in December 2013 the Affonso Brandão Hennel Foundation (ABH Foundation), an OSCIP (Public Interest Civil Society Organization).

ABH Foundation believes in world transformation, people empowerment, investment in talent and in the use of knowledge and technology to minimize poverty, generate income and optimize resources for the benefit of all.