Creating Hawks Institute

Technology course for youngsters from São Paulo’s outskirts

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Creating Hawks Institute

Entrepreneurship and professionalization for youngsters in low income communities

The Creating Hawks started off with the purpose of encouraging youngsters from the outskirts to fight for a better future and for changing their reality. The movement began in 2011 with small actions and big ideas from the young entrepreneur Eduardo Lyra, who was born and raised in a slum in São Paulo. Nowadays the institute is present in several outskirts, communities and prisons having its actions based on the following three pillars: sports, education and income. Its social educational projects have already reached over 100 thousand children and teenagers allowing youngster to anticipate a new range of options and perspective for their development and lives.

This project aims at guaranteeing that 30 youngsters from the ages of 14 to 19 years old without personal funds that enable them to attend a vocational school or achieve a university degree, to have the opportunity to become professionals and endeavor in technology and innovation fields.



The co-investment provided by Fundação ABH and BrazilFoundation aimed at:

  • Training in programming language and entrepreneurship;
  • 8 hours/week of lessons for 12 months;
  • English lessons;
  • Lectures and mentoring.



  • 30 young people are being trained in programming, application creation, 3D games and programming in Java, expanding opportunities for insertion in the labor market and improving the quality of life of them and their families;
  • Young people are in the process of training and are adapting well to the content of the course, analyzing and creating programming codes;
  • Total of 108 hours of classroom activities.