The PerifaSul 2050 Initiative

What is it?

PerifaSul 2050 is an initiative that emerged in 2021 with the goal of creating a better future for the Southern Periphery of São Paulo. The proposal was launched by the ABH Foundation, inviting the community to share their visions for the future and the necessary steps to build a positive and impactful environment for the people living there.

Who is it for?

PerifaSul 2050 is directed towards the population of the Southern Periphery of São Paulo in general, including residents, local entrepreneurs, micro-entrepreneurs, cultural agents, as well as change-makers who wish to promote positive changes in the community.

How do we do it?

Throughout the year 2021, in partnership with local actors, the ABH Foundation conducted workshops and research to identify the main social issues that deserve attention until 2050. Through these meetings, three main themes were defined, encompassing the concerns of the Southern Periphery residents: Productive Inclusion, Community Development, and Dignified Life and Well-being.

These themes included specific subtopics that were discussed in each meeting. In each workshop, participants identified priority areas and outlined activities, goals, objectives, and expected results, aiming for the convergence of efforts to achieve these common objectives.

To test the working model in 2022, two Working Groups (WGs) were formed: the Productive Inclusion WG and the Sports, Arts, and Culture WG. These groups consisted of members with expertise in their respective areas and worked on research, study, and development of strategies related to each theme.

The Productive Inclusion WG focused on strategies to include economically vulnerable individuals in the job market, with a focus on employability, creative economy, and entrepreneurship. The group conducted individual research and held periodic meetings to share information and develop an e-book on the subject.

Meanwhile, the Sports, Arts, and Culture WG mapped cultural and sports facilities in the Southern Periphery region of São Paulo. The group members worked together, through online meetings, to research and organize the collected information. The goal is to create a detailed map that can promote and facilitate access to these facilities, collectives, and cultural services in the region.

The public can contribute to the project by providing information about initiatives, projects, and services related to productive inclusion, sports, arts, and culture in the Southern Periphery of São Paulo. The idea is to allow people to register their own initiatives in a collaborative map, which will be launched in 2023, making the survey more comprehensive and complete.

The PerifaSul 2050 project aims to promote active community participation and empower residents to be protagonists of their own development, contributing to building a better future for the Southern Periphery of São Paulo.

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