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Visionaries aims at encouraging social entrepreneurship through real experiences, stimulating social organizations, teenagers and businessmen to reach maximum potential on their social leading role, bringing purpose to their initiatives and giving back benefits to all stakeholders.

Maker Breaking Walls – Social Entrepreneurship as transformation agent to low income teenagers.

The project’s objective is to empower teenagers from São Paulo southern outskirts to improve self-esteem, get prepared to access labor market by gaining knowledge and building network to open their own businesses. The selected individuals will go through a social entrepreneurship competition where they will learn concepts such as lean startup, social business canvas, empathy and how to practically apply them by solving social organization challenges and developing impact businesses of their own.

The selected individuals will be divided into 10 teams of 2 to 4 people who will be during the initial 4 months focused on solving social organization challenges by using their skills, execution potential and teamwork capacity while they learn, get inspired and expand their networks. Talented businessmen will mentor them throughout their journey. By the end of the 4th month, they will present the results and the one who achieves the best rank will win. Right after that, the teams will submit their businesses ideas which will be evaluated according to a predefined criterion such as social impact, scalability, innovation and financial feasibility. The top 5 ideas will be selected for the next stage and accelerated for 2 months. At the end, their business models will be presented and the winner will receive a seed investment.



  • 30 to 40 youngsters, from the ages of 18 to 35, residents of São Paulo southern outskirts communities of Campo Limpo, Capão Redondo, Cidade Ademar, Grajaú, Jardim Angela among others will be trained;
  • 10 social organizations and, indirectly, all their beneficiaries;
  • 20 professionals in charge of organizations will participate on capacity building;
  • 15 mentors will be side by side with the selected guiding them throughout the process.


  • ROI of 140% de ROI (Return on Investment) during the initiative
  • Projected ROI of 458% de ROI (following 12 months after the initiative has finished)
  • More than 40 subscriptions received
  • 24 teams were selected
  • 8 social organizations were benefitted by the initiative
  • 5 semi finalists
  • 1 winner who received R$ 30.000,00 to leverage its business

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“Well, the most challenging deficiencies we face today are young people who are unmotivated, due to a public and social system, who judge them and demand things that have not being taught to them. The system expects ultimate commitment from these youngsters, but they are apathetic at all times especially due to lack of a quality education system. Seeing a young person not fulfilling her dreams because of neglect is tough. It seems that it is a favor and not a duty to provide them the best and the right of opportunity. But in the other hand they have a great potential and are capable of doing great things. I feel very proud to be part of the project, because there is a lot of wealth in here. Even without much opportunity they recover every moment and manage to create something amid the chaos.

Each project as the “Maker Quebrada” that offers a proposal to engage the young in a meaningful way, in order to give him a chance, considering the lack of self-government, is not to imposed but rather created. I see that Maker Quebrada is a reason to make these young people believe that not everybody who approaches them wants to take things from them, but that there are projects that want to add potential and self-esteem to their life and future. For those who lived in neglect and so much misery, to have something that makes him dream is priceless.” Buiu, entrepreneur of the Viela project, in Jardim Ibirapuera.

“Currently in the southern zone, there are dozens of social organizations promoting the personal transformation of young people through educational projects. These organizations drive deep social transformation by essentially passing on the personal empowerment of this audience. This action gave birth to another demand, much more related to what next step would be. The necessary step is to create environments of activation and application of all this knowledge being created and produced. What is missing at the moment is a blueprint for a project that enables these young people to exercise this being they are becoming. And this environment goes through the possibility of financial and technical support, so that they can undertake the community they see from the transformations they have suffered.” Tony Marlon, founder of Historiorama and the School of News, Campo Limpo.