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Year 2015

BrazilFoundation mobilizes resources to be applied in ideas and actions that can transform Brazil.

The foundation works along with leaders, social organizations and a global network of supporters to promote equality, social justice and opportunity for every Brazilian citizen.

In 2015, BrazilFoundation and Fundação ABH have partnered up in order to sponsor Vivenda Program.

Vivenda Program

Vivenda Program was created in 2013 to offer solution on scale to housing conditions, which affect the health of the population, particularly the low-income population. The project offers an integrated service package – loans, technical assistance, skilled labor and materials – thus enabling a fast, cheap, and quality housing renovation, focusing on improving the residents’ health and quality of life.

The goal of Vivenda Program is to make the access to healthy housing democratic. To achieve it, we have created an innovative business model to renovate housings, which will offer access to this type of services for the low-income population on a scale format.

With the support of Fundação ABH and BrazilFoundation, Vivenda Program planned to make this innovative business model feasible by:

  • Hiring a sales and customer service representative for a 7-month trial period;
  • Developing a promotion and sales plan;
  • Printing promotional communication material;
  • Conducting promotional activities (leafleting and service) at strategic points in the community;
  • Purchasing budget, planning and construction management software, so that sales can become more agile and controlled;
  • Systematizing every sales trial that comprises of costs assessment, deadlines and results assessment and defining a more effective promotion strategy.


  • 120 renovation contracts signed;
  • 400 people mobilized to receive the benefits of remodeling their homes and have a positive impact on the lives and health of families. (Given the project purpose, the number of people that received flyers from the sales promotion team was considered for estimate the beneficiaries);
  • 224 visits schedules for physical survey of renovation;
  • 34 to 35 renovation budgets prepared per month;
  • Institutional strengthening and team qualification;
  • Structuring of the sales operation with a panel of follow-up indicators;
  • Strengthening the image of the organization as a renovation qualified service;

Performed Activities

  • Hiring of sales and customer service professional;
  • Development of sales and promotion plan;
  • Promotion of actions of Vivenda Program among the communities where the project operates;
  • Articulation with strategic players in the communities to improve the practice of renovations;
  • Purchase of budget, planning and control of works software in order to make the sales process more agile and controlled;
  • Systematization of all sales test, involving evaluation of costs, deadlines and results achieved, aiming at defining the most effective promotion strategy;
  • Development of electronic communication material for presentation using a tablet.


According to the indicators listed in the project, we have achieved the following results so far:

  • Number of people affected by the promotion actions: approximately 5400 people
  • Number of schedules for onsite survey visits:
    • Total: 224
    • Average: 34 to 35 visits / month
  • Number of budgets per month:
    • Total: 224
    • Average: 34 to 35 budgets / month
  • Time needed for budgeting: 30 minutes for budget visit and 40 minutes for budgeting.
  • Number of contracts entered per month:
    • July – 10 contracts
    • August – 20 contracts
    • September – 20 contracts
    • October – 20 contracts
    • November – 20 contracts
    • December – 10 contracts
    • January 2016 – 0 contracts
    • February 2016 – 20 contracts

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“One of the most important things a project must do in its initial stage is to put its sales strategy to test, which means, understand the sales’ dynamics, starting from approaching potential customers up to closing a deal.”

Marcelo Coelho (responsible for the sales department at Vivenda Program)