SGB LAB 2016


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SGB Lab is a laboratory that helps enabling projects using technology and new media to make the world better. In the Lab, they bet on social innovators who dream big and believe in the power of technologies and new media.

In 2016, there were 386 applications of projects from 20 Brazilian states and, after a challenge, 50 were selected to participate in the Lab. Out of these, 35 got to Demo Day and only 4 were selected as finalists.

Communitor Smart Communities – Roberto Novaes – R$ 15,000.00

Software for automation of monitoring of Aedes aegypti mosquito using oviposition traps. The software consists of a platform for geographic data management, counting of eggs by computational vision and generation of maps of the mosquito population. Accuracy and speed on vector infestation and intelligent decision making. The use of this tool provides gains for the health of the population, the image of public agencies and companies and economy of resources.

Connecting Food – Alcione Pereira Silva – R $ 12.250,00

The Connecting Food platform provides the technology, process and tools necessary for the execution of food donation between retailers / wholesalers and social institutions throughout Brazil, with transparency, access and scale, as well as directly contributing to the reduction of waste and the promotion of food and nutritional security in Brazil.

Beta Scientist – Kawoana Vianna – R $ 12,250.00

The Beta Scientist is an initiative that brings young people closer to science in order to foster social transformation and personal development. It connects young people and scientists, promotes leadership and innovates in the vision of who the scientist is and what role science plays in the challenges of the 21st century.

Surdo para Surdo – Robson Mafra – R $ 10,000.00

Surdo para Surdo (From Deaf to Deaf) Program connects the deaf person who wants to learn from a tutor, also deaf, who offers private lessons in his own language, Libras (Brazilian Sign Language), without reliance to an interpreter or subtitles. The deaf person is the one who feels and knows the best teaching and learning strategy.