CENEP, Center for Popular Education, is a social organization based in the municipality of Nova Palmeira, Paraíba, 243.2 km from the capital João Pessoa, city with a population of 4,717 inhabitants (IBGE, 2014).

Strategic Axis of Action

The organization was founded on January 21, 1990, a period of intense and prolonged drought, which allowed the creation of the entity with the purpose of developing integrated actions, distributed in four areas:

  • HEALTHCARE (production of homemade medication, healthy recipes, integrative therapies)
  • CULTURE (ballet, canvas painting, theater, music)




Promotion of education, culture and art, professional qualification, environmental awareness focused on the protection of the caatinga biome, health promotion by encouraging the use of medicinal plants in the treatment of diseases, as well as from practice with integrative and complementary therapies (massage, acupuncture, aromatherapy, meditation, reiki, floral, radiostesia and relaxation) for the whole community.

Cover the various segments of society as family farmers, children, adolescents, young people and adults with a higher degree of risk and social vulnerability.

Flexible Investment

ABH Foundation works with flexible investment for the organizations it supports. In order to provide support CENEP established the following objectives:

Nova Palmeira-PB municipality, with a population of approximately 5 thousand inhabitants, has as main source of income the public service, retirement and a little through mining and crafts (especially wood). Due to the great drought that lasts for over 07 years, agriculture is no longer a contribution to the family income. The city has a fragile economy with little purchasing power, but it is home to great artists and intelligent people, eager for work and opportunities. Thus, this support aims to work with women and young people, from activities that generate income for self-sustainability. The work will be done in two axis:

Axis I

Social empowerment of young people and women

  • The proposal within this focal point, is to offer manual labor workshops to women and young people, so that they can generate their own sources of income, aspects that contributed to the valorization of self-esteem and the guarantee of support.

Axis II


  • Due to the financial difficulties faced not only by the NGO, but by society, the proposal is to hold workshops that generate income, such as handicrafts with stones and wood, taking advantage of the local craftsmen to develop workshops, production of medicinal soap and ecological soap.