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Acreditar is a social organization based in Glória do Goitá, PE, which stimulates an entrepreneurial culture of young people, women and entrepreneurs in the Northeast of Brazil. Its work expands mechanisms for local entrepreneurs to generate wealth and remain in the northeastern region as a result of their own businesses.

Focal Points

Founded in 2006, ACREDITAR aims to promote local development, working in the following areas:

  • Financial education
  • Local and Community Development
  • Employment and Income Generation
  • Microfinance and Business Execution
  • Entrepreneurship





Encourage productive activities for young people, women and entrepreneurs, contributing to the execution of projects and socioeconomic development of the northeastern region.

Transparency, local and integrated development, sustainability, ethics, commitment, process efficiency, effectiveness of results and support for local diversity.

Strengthen the participation, social and economic impact of the popular enterprises and microenterprises, in the local market, as strategy for the development of the region.

Flexible Investment

ABH Foundation works with flexible investment for the organizations it supports. Acreditar requested a support for the microcredit fund, with emphasis on women and young people, who see in entrepreneurship an option to generate income locally by offering them more dignity and freedom with the following objectives and results found below.


  • To foster entrepreneurship of the population segment that is in the poverty line
  • To encourage and strengthen business
  • To guide and monitor projects financed with productive microcredit directed by Acreditar


  • Granting credit to women
  • Increasing the average income of the entrepreneur
  • Developing entrepreneur self-confidence
  • Valuing the role of women in the household and community
  • Encouraging interaction between local entrepreneurs


Qualitative Indicators

  • Organization strengthened with operational planning for the next 3 years;
  • Staff committed and keeping on-going learning;
  • Territory mobilized and interacting with the actions developed by Acreditar;
  • More self- confident entrepreneurs;
  • Groups of local social initiatives strengthened with the support of Acreditar;
  • Systematization and monthly monitoring of the institution’s impact indicators;
  • Interaction with local and national organizations working in the context of microfinance, entrepreneurship, youth, gender and development territorial;
  • Systematization of indicators;
  • Mobilization and community coordination to support the social project.

Quantitative Indicators

  • Assisted & Guided People: 992 
  • Productive businesses related to generation of income supported: 442 
  • Amount invested in productive businesses: R$ 167,500.00   
  • Rate timely payments: 98.74%
  • Average of increase of personal income: 31.4% 
  • Entrepreneurs with savings: 55.9%
  • Investment per area of business
    • Production 34%
    • Trade 64%
    • Service 03%
    • Rural 99%
  • Investment by Gender
    • Female 73%
    • Male 31.27%


“The Acreditar organization became part of my life, when I was unemployed in 2011. I started selling cosmetics, but I was not able to supply products under immediate delivery to the customers, it was a single process. Then a friend of mine came to my house and I started to talk to her about my struggles, that I had this dream of investing in my own business, but I could not achieve it. It was when my friend Gracielle spoke to me about the Acreditar organization, because she was already a customer of the Acreditar and she told me how good it was, because in addition to the loan provided by Acreditar, it also gives support for you not to lose your money, and advises us as how to make the right investment. My friend gave me credit agent Lucimar phone’s number, I called her to schedule a visit, I was very excited and took my first loan, and business took off. In addition to transform my business, Acreditar also transformed my life. Today I do not sell cosmetics only, but also I sell offal, and I have two people reselling sandals and cosmetics for me. So Acreditar turned my life around and it can turn yours too. Not to mention that the organization is formed by highly qualified professionals to assist us. Thanks to everyone who is part of the Acreditar family.” Marta de Melo – Acreditar Entrepreneur