Acreditar is a social organization based in Glória do Goitá, PE, which stimulates an entrepreneurial culture of young people, women and entrepreneurs in the Northeast of Brazil. Its work expands mechanisms for local entrepreneurs to generate wealth and remain in the northeastern region as a result of their own businesses.

Focal Points

Founded in 2006, ACREDITAR aims to promote local development, working in the following areas:

  • Financial education
  • Local and Community Development
  • Employment and Income Generation
  • Microfinance and Business Execution
  • Entrepreneurship





Encourage productive activities for young people, women and entrepreneurs, contributing to the execution of projects and socioeconomic development of the northeastern region.

Transparency, local and integrated development, sustainability, ethics, commitment, process efficiency, effectiveness of results and support for local diversity.

Strengthen the participation, social and economic impact of the popular enterprises and microenterprises, in the local market, as strategy for the development of the region.

Flexible Investment

ABH Foundation works with flexible investment for the organizations it supports. Acreditar requested a support for the microcredit fund, with emphasis on women and young people, who see in entrepreneurship an option to generate income locally by offering them more dignity and freedom with the following objectives and results found below.


  • To foster entrepreneurship of the population segment that is in the poverty line
  • To encourage and strengthen business
  • To guide and monitor projects financed with productive microcredit directed by Acreditar


  • Granting credit to women
  • Increasing the average income of the entrepreneur
  • Developing entrepreneur self-confidence
  • Valuing the role of women in the household and community
  • Encouraging interaction between local entrepreneurs