Curator Council

Cristina Hennel Fay

Founder Member and Chairman of the Council

Lawyer, Mediator and Conciliator, with an MBA in Management and Social Entrepreneurship from Fundação Instituto de Administração, she was a member of the Governing board of the Julita Foundation and served as a volunteer at the APF (Paulista Foundation Association) and in other 3rd Sector actions and areas. She currently acts as mediator and conciliator at the Central Forum of São Paulo.

Renata Brunetti

PhD in Social Psychology from PUC-SP, she has worked as a consultant in fundraising in various social organizations since 1996:   Graacc, Sírio Libanês Hospital, among others.

Partner and creator of the Atuação no Mundo program (Acting in the World) – a movement that aims at transforming the world in which we live to the world we want, acting as a consultant in innovations to generate positive socio-environmental impact . She is part of Ashoka Support Network and member of the board of GMK Institute, ABH Foundation and Captamos.

Lucien Belmonte

Born and raised in the outskirts of São Paulo, with over 20 years of professional experience, including 10 years in various technical areas such as equipment manufacturing, technical support, engineering, and project management. Six years of experience as an account manager directly involved in selling systems and equipment, primarily for the beverage and food industry, as well as cosmetics and household cleaning industries. In the last six years, worked as an executive responsible for operations in a multinational company in Brazil and as a sales director for South America.

Graduated in Mechatronics Engineering from the University Bandeirantes of São Paulo, with further education in Strategic Sales Management from the Mackenzie Presbyterian University and Finance for Executives from ESPM, as well as specializations in people management and leadership from different institutions in Atlanta, France, and Sweden.