Potências Periféricas Platform

What is it?

A platform to facilitate ‘matching,’ that is, the meeting and connection between donors and donees!

Its main differentials will be:

  • To include all kinds of initiatives (formal, informal, entrepreneurial, networking, etc.)
  • To view maps with different layers (networks, partnerships, HDI, slums, forests, etc.)
  • To be built with artificial intelligence to suggest connections
  • Multiple filter possibilities
  • To have the possibility of conversations and connections between registered members.
  • To include service providers and peripheral products
  • To have the possibility of endorsement, improving the reliability of the data and exchanges
  • To be built from the experience, needs, and desires of potencies and investors

Its main benefits will be:

For the powers

  • Greater visibility for their work
  • A profile with information about the initiative, its connections, recommendations, etc.
  • Discover ecosystem donors
  • Facilitating connections between the powers themselves
  • Algorithmic display of investor power

For investors/donors

  • A unique place to find projects, collectives, institutions, etc
  • To ease in mobilizing the specific audience of the notice
  • To qualify the target audience, themes, and territories for investing your resources
  • To legitimize and strengthen relations between donors and initiatives
  • Organization and filtering of initiatives

How did it come about?

The idea of the Platform Potências Periféricas came about in December 2019, in a meeting where the ABH Foundation, the Collective Potências Periféricas, and the Jatobás Institute participated and during presentations and conversations realized they had a shared pain and dream: To facilitate the meeting and connection between donors and donees!

Thus, they joined and brought to the Working Group ponteAponte and the Tide Setúbal Foundation that, together with the Jatobás Institute, supported the creation of the Potências Periféricas collective.

The ABH Foundation suggested applying to the Bis Fund call for proposals to make the idea viable; the group worked together to conceive the project, which was positive! We were awarded a grant of R$60,000.00 to get the first version of the idea up and running!

Since then, there have been countless meetings and research to design a solution that effectively fills the gaps in this regard and considers the needs of both investors and powers*!

Numbers of 2020:

  • 54 hours of internal planning meetings
  • 99 target audience surveys conducted
    • 24 investors
    • 75 powers
  • 3 focus groups performed
  • Many more hours of individual work, research, study and analysis, and chatting with potential partners.

* Powers are people, entrepreneurs, initiatives, collectives, networks, cooperatives, artists, content producers of peripheral origin and potential for performance, positive impact, and quality.

In 2021 we started the development of the platform!

Who will be in charge of this task will be a powerhouse, Fristtram, born in Guinea-Bissau (Africa) and currently a Brazilian resident working as a developer in São Paulo – SP.

 It is expected to be released by September 2021!

Who is it for?


  • Associations
  • Community Banks
  • Collectives
  • Cooperatives
  • Foundations
  • Formal and informal initiatives
  • Institutes
  • Movements
  • Impact Businesses
  • Social business
  • Small entrepreneurs (formal or informal) such as, but not limited to artists,  content producers, artisans, etc.
  • Network


  • Associations
  • Companies
  • Foundations
  • Funds
  • Institutes

Initial Surveys

To design the PPP, we surveyed the various audiences to understand their pains, needs, desires, and profiles to develop a friendly and helpful solution!

The results of the survey can be found here (in portuguese only).

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