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Web Education was a project created in partnership with the Catraca Livre . It consists of a digital platform that offers free content guided to education , already existing in many web spaces, in one single portal and with qualified professionals’ curator. One can find from courses and lectures to MBA, everyday knowledge, download of books , virtual tour to museums , among many other information . 

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Duration of support – May to August 2014


Since it believes that in order to learn it is not necessary to be inside a classroom, the Catraca Livre is inspired by formal and non-formal education  models to create a “Web Education ” publishing together with the ABH Foundation.

Catraca Livre has an average of 25 million views per month; due to this reaching power ABH Foundation believed that the partnership would be a key mean to disseminate education content to the society .

Web Educação is a virtual space where the user has the opportunity to meet and learn online, and for free , on various subjects . This digital platform offers free content oriented to education , already existing in many web spaces, in one single portal and with qualified professionals’ curator.

There are options of classic subjects such as Portuguese , history , mathematics and geography ; courses and lectures , MBA, but we believe that as important as these subjects, it is also interesting and pleasant to see people learning subjects on  a day to day basis. Additional topics such as gardening , decoration , mechanics , download of books , virtual tour to museums , or even ” how to tie a knot”, are part of the list of information .


According to a research conducted by Ibope / conecta , on August 2013 in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo, 52% of the Catraca Livre’s audience is female and 48% male . Of these, 50% are aged up to 29 years , 38% between 30 and 49 years and 11% above 50 years.


Maintenance of the current specific digital and journalistic platform called “Web Educação” from the database found on www.catracalivre.com.br benefiting an audience of more than 8 million individuals per month .


  • Map and disseminate courses , classes and free academic  materials available on the internet.
  • Weekly update of information published in Web Education area within the Catraca Livre website focusing on the dissemination of learning tools and methods of distance academic improvement.
  • Provide information via digital platform (website) in all the cities covered by Catraca Livre .


The “Web Education” page has a journalist dedicated to maintenance and supply of content . 10 notes will be produced per week , totaling 40 per month


During the partnership that lasted from May to August 2014, the Web Education had 829,514 page views, producing an average of 2.5 news / day.