ABH Foundation Incorporation |   Document signature


ABH Foundation Registration | Incorporation and registry of Articles of Incorporation in notary’s office

OSCIP Certificate | ABH Foundation accreditation as OSCIP (Civil Society Organization of Public Interest)

GIFE Network | Association to GIFE (Group of Institutes, Foundations and Companies)

Registration at CEDHESP | Recognition and certification as an entity for the defense of human rights in the state of São Paulo

Started supporting projects | Supporting projects in the areas of education, entrepreneurship and innovation

ITCMD exemption | We obtained ITCMD exemption by the State Secretariat of Finance

Started BrazilFoundation partnership | Co-investment partnership and exchange of methodologies


 International Event | We participated in our first international event at the OECD in Paris of netFWD (global network of foundations for development)


1º Crowdfunding | Participation in the Embrace Brazil campaign promoted by BrazilFoundation

CPCS Network – NY | After 1 month of immersion, training and work, we became a member of the Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society of CUNY – City University of New York network


Focus on Community Development | After a substantial amount of research, in order to have greater impact, we shift our focus to community development

ABCR Network | Became a member of ABCR – Fundraising Brazilian Association

CAF Certification (Charities Aid Foundation) | We went through a rigorous vetting process where our documentation, planning, accounting, resource allocation where audited. We have been recognized by our practices and transparency.

Online Fund Raising Platform | We have lauched our online platform to raise funds.


Focus on the southern outskirts of the city of São Paulo | Aiming at maximizing our investment impact, better support the selected initiatives and being part of the development process, the have chosen the southern outskirts of the city of São Paulo as our territory.

1o Call for Proposals | With focus on the southern outskirts of the city of São Paulo (Campo Limpo, Capão Redondo, Jd. Angela and Jd. São Luiz)

Partnership TV DOC | To produce our institutional communication

Partnership with Educadeiras | Program that aims at occupying vacant chairs in private courses with social agents from the city outskirts

Creation of Southern Manifest Network Network composed by social agents from the southern peripheries of São Paulo to encourage collaboration, bringing empowerment and protagonist for the development of the territory

Partnership with Priorize | Partnership to use p0p (Popular Opinion Panel) to organize and consolidate demands from the Southern Manifest Network

Partnership with Fundação Alphaville, Instituto Jatobás and Macambira Sociocultural | Partnership to think of possible actions together


aTUAção Perifasul Call for Proposal / Organized by 4 NGOs that put resources and knowledge into the process in order to multiply the impact in the southern peripheries of São Paulo

Joint Action Against COVID-19 | Together with the aTUAção PerifaSul network and other actors from the territory, we conducted a campaign to collect basic food baskets, hygiene and cleaning materials, diapers, and other essential items for the vulnerable population.

Fundo Bis Call | Together with an incredible network of partners, we won the Fundo Bis call with the Periferic Powers Platform, aimed at connecting third-sector organizations with investors and philanthropic funds.


COVID Campaign – Pandemic Without Hunger | A campaign to sponsor vulnerable families with food during the COVID-19 pandemic.

PerifaSul 2050 | A collaborative and empowering process where priority themes for the territory are identified in the short, medium, and long term, together with local actors.


Constructive Committee | Building sustainable solutions for São Paulo’s southern periphery


PerifaSul Map | Connecting and giving visibility to the power and diversity of São Paulo’s southern peripheral communities

FCP M’Boi | M’Boi Mirim PerifaSul Community Fund