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Year 2015

BrazilFoundation mobilizes resources to be applied in ideas and actions that can transform Brazil.

The foundation works along with leaders, social organizations and a global network of supporters to promote equality, social justice and opportunity for every Brazilian citizen.

In 2015, BrazilFoundation and Fundação ABH have partnered up in order to sponsor Correria University “UniCorre”.

UniCorre is a co-creation environment designed to promote the culture of social innovation, local entrepreneurship and the reduction of inequalities in less privileged areas of Brazil.

Correria University (“UniCorre”) is a three-month entrepreneur training program, which combines classroom activities, e-learning and the opening of new business opportunities in Rio de Janeiro and São Paulo. During the program, participants learn how to develop and operate a sustainable business focusing on income generation and collaborative networks. UniCorre uses a methodology that applies business concepts developed in recognized Brazilian and foreign universities into less privileged scenarios.

With the co-investment provided by Fundação ABH and BrazilFoundation, UniCorre aimed at:

  • Creating two new classes for sixty young people residents of low-income areas;
  • Holding theoretical and practical classes and technical visits;
  • Providing 6 months of individual consulting for 40 projects;
  • Offering co-working environment to nurture low-cost businesses;
  • Building bridges between market professionals and entrepreneurs who live in low-income areas.


  • 2 classes with a total of 35 young people trained by the Entrepreneurs Training Program
  • 18 business proposals received technical and consulting analysis – most subsistence related – in the areas of fashion, gastronomy, textiles, technology and photography, totaling 105 consulting hours.
  • 11 new businesses were incubated by the Correria University, 05 of which included financial investments.