Untangle and Don’t Fool Me Collective


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The Initiative

Who We Are

Created in 2013, Untangle and don’t fool me Collective (Desenrola E Não Me Enrola) is a communication collective, legally represented by the Desenrola Association, engaged in creating and re-signifying practices and methods of content production, research, and training, starting from the production of knowledge already existent in different social contexts that shapes the suburbs of São Paulo. Not by chance, the main lines of action that guide all the projects developed by the collective are identity, territory, and repertoire. From these projects, through communication, we work to change the narrative and imaginary about the cultural identity from the suburbs and its residents. The methodology is based on the creation of productive spaces that allows critical thinking about social reality in the suburbs.


Jardim Ângela

The Proposal

Projeto de Comunicação de Impacto Territorial (Territorial Impact’s Communication project) is an open training directed to collectives, cultural articulators and entrepreneurs from the south of São Paulo, aiming to develop the following skills in their projects and initiatives: institutional identity, talking about their initiative, institutional communication planning, social networks management and distribution of contents and narratives in audiovisual form.

Based on the project, the goal is to insert the practice to communicate locally into these initiatives, by showing the significance of communicating their actions and how this affects public engagement and partners approach.


Adding the number of residents of the Jardim Ângela, Jardim São Luís, Campo Limpo and Capão Redondo districts, there are more than 1 million residents, according to data from 2017 of São Paulo City hall.

The big issue is that there is a small number of public facilities such as Cultural or Educational Centers to meet social demands for training specifically suited to the local needs.

For a long time, social actors have created innovative initiatives in the fields of health, education, culture, technology, food, employment and income generation, which are transforming the reality of their neighborhoods. However, there is still a gap in the communication between these initiatives and the residents.

We understand that the lack of communication in the actions developed by the collectives, entrepreneurs and agents of peripheral territories prevents their work from (i) being understood and communicated on a large scale (ii) reaching possible partners, investors and even the residents who are benefited by the projects.

Therefore, the project emerges to enhance these collectives’ communication, through a solid understanding of their institutional identity, so they communicate better their actions locally.

How It Works

The training will last five months, with monthly units (three meetings per month of each theme, each lasting 3 hours given by local agents and by the association), divided into workshops that will address the following contents:

Workshop 1 – Institutional identity

Workshop 2 – How to Tell Your Initiative

Workshop 3 – Institutional Communication Planning

Workshop 4 – Managing social networks and distributing content

Workshop 5 – Narratives in audiovisual

Five collectives from the region will be selected to participate after the following two steps: registration and selection. Selection will be based on the initiative’s wish to improve their communication and to act focusing on local impact.

The workshops will take place at Centro e Mídia M’Boi Mirim, a space managed by Untangle and don’t fool me Collective (Desenrola e Não Me Enrola), located in Jardim Ângela, in the south of São Paulo.

Project Audience

  • The project will directly act with 5 collectives / entrepreneurs of the region, who do not have an effective communication structure with their public and possible investors. Two collective’s members will participate in the meetings, spreading the word to the other members. Therefore, all the members, as well as the audience, will come to know / understand and enjoy the objectives and activities developed by the initiatives.

Objectives of the Investment

  • Generate, through communication, opportunities for connection and action among collectives, local entrepreneurs and agents that work in the region.
  • Encourage the production of audiovisual content to enhance the constructed narrative of the activities carried out by the collectives, so that they may have a greater impact on public and / or partners.
  • Provide, from the action’s institutional identity, a concrete narrative so that they can communicate their projects and show themselves differently, attracting more public and / or possible partners.
  • Improve local communication of initiatives.
  • Provide the community with a physical space with equipment and tools, which they can use and contribute to maintenance in the future.
  • Involve the community to be protagonists of the improvements that they seek for the territory.
  • Improve the support network to strengthen the activities carried out by Desenrola Association.