PerifaSul M’Boi Mirim Community Fund

What is it?

The PerifaSul M’Boi Mirim Community Fund (FCP M’BOI) is an initiative by the ABH Foundation in collaboration with local leaders. It is a community fund created to establish a permanent and perpetual way of raising resources and investments in the southern periphery of São Paulo, aiming to drive local development through financing and support for initiatives and leaders seeking to promote the advancement of the southern periphery. FCP M’BOI is the first Brazilian fund entirely created by and for a periphery, managed by local actors.

Various models of community funds are used worldwide. In the working model chosen by the constructive committee (the group responsible for the fund’s governance), investments are made to generate returns, which are then used for the development of the M’Boi Mirim territory year after year, also known as an Endowment or Patrimonial Fund.

However, since we depend on a constant influx of new resources to “grow” the fund, so it can yield significant and impactful amounts over time, the fund does not yet exclusively rely on its returns.

Origin and Objectives:

The FCP M’BOI emerged from the collaborative efforts between the ABH Foundation and community leaders from the southern periphery of São Paulo. Constant resource mobilization is a recurring challenge for local initiatives that spend a substantial amount of time seeking funding rather than focusing on their purpose. The fund is born with the following objectives:

The main objectives of FCP M’BOI are:

  • Raise financial resources to invest in transformative initiatives in the southern periphery of São Paulo.
  • Support initiatives that promote social, economic, and cultural development in the region.
  • Establish a constant source of investment in the periphery, ensuring the continuity of actions.
  • Foster a collaborative ecosystem, connecting actors, resources, and territory needs.
  • Increase visibility for local good practices.

Discover the Theory of Change of FCP M’BOI:

Characteristics and Benefits:

The FCP M’BOI has the following characteristics:

  • Resource mobilization: The fund seeks to raise financial resources through donations, partnerships, and investments from organizations and individuals interested in promoting the development of the southern periphery of São Paulo.
  • Investment in local initiatives: The raised funds will be directed to finance projects and initiatives that have a positive impact on the region, covering areas such as education, health, culture, sports, entrepreneurship, among others.
  • Community participation: The creation and management of the fund involve active participation from community leaders and other local actors, ensuring that decisions are made collaboratively and consider the demands and needs of the population.
  • Perennial investment: FCP M’BOI aims to establish a perpetual source of resources for the southern periphery of São Paulo, ensuring that investments in the region remain continuous and sustainable over time.

Among the expected benefits of FCP M’BOI are:

  • Community strengthening: The fund seeks to strengthen ties and cooperation among local actors, promoting joint efforts to address challenges and seek solutions for the development of the southern periphery of São Paulo.
  • Encouragement of local entrepreneurship: Through the funding of entrepreneurial projects, FCP M’BOI aims to boost the local economy, generating jobs and opportunities for the residents of the region.
  • Improvement of quality of life: By investing in areas such as education, health, and culture, the fund aims to improve the quality of life for the population of the southern periphery, providing access to services and opportunities that contribute to their personal and collective development.

Who is it for?

The PerifaSul M’Boi Mirim Community Fund (FCP M’BOI) is intended for various audiences and actors involved in the southern periphery of São Paulo, including:

  • Periphery residents: The fund aims to directly benefit the residents of the region, providing them with access to initiatives and projects that can improve their quality of life and promote local development.
  • Community leaders: Local leaders play a fundamental role in the creation and management of the fund, contributing to the definition of strategies, resource mobilization, and decision-making to direct the investments.
  • Socio-cultural initiatives: FCP M’BOI seeks partnerships with social and nonprofit organizations operating in the region, aiming to strengthen the support network and maximize the impact of the developed actions.
  • Companies and institutions: The fund also seeks to engage companies and institutions that wish to invest in the southern periphery of São Paulo, offering opportunities for socially responsible partnerships and investments.

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