Sementinha Project (Little Seed) – Year 5



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CPCD is a non-governmental organization (NGO) founded in the year of 1984, in the city of Belo Horizonte, state of Minas Gerais, by Tião Rocha, an educator and anthropologist. CPDC was created to act in Popular Quality Education and Sustainable Community Development, using Culture as a raw material and as a pedagogical and institutional working tool.

Its mission is to be a permanent learning institution in the fields of Education and Development, using Culture as raw material and as an action tool.

Since 1984, CPCD strives to implement and accomplish innovative projects, integrated programs and Social Transformation and Sustainable Development platforms, which are intended for communities and cities with less than 50.000 residents where 90% of the Brazilian population lives.

CPCD and Fundação ABH partnered up to initiate the Projeto Sementinha in Chácara Santo Amaro (Grajaú district) in the city of São Paulo, São Paulo State.

Healthy Community Project

With the focus of the ABH Foundation being on community development and due to the moving to two new locations within the territory, we saw the opportunity to improve the project objectives. Thus, Project Sementinha is now referred to as Healthy Community!

Project Objectives

To contribute to the transformation of São Nicolau and Novo São Norberto communities into healthy communities, applying the 16 principles of the “Carta Terra”, as the guiding points of all actions.

The specific objectives are as follows:

  • Achieve the community’s HDDH (human development potential index): reading the community’s knowledge, doings and wants;
  • Identify and map the community’s “bright spots” (human, social and cultural) throughout the project;
  • Technically and ethically prepare a team of Healthy Community Development Agents / ADCS;
  • Build along a PTA (Work Plan and Evaluation) with this team;
  • Implement the actions provided for in the PTA and promote the necessary updates throughout the project;
  • Build the MDIs (Different and Innovative Ways) along with the ADCS and the Community throughout the project;
  • Implement the monitoring system (MPRA) of learning processes, impacts, outputs and outcomes, and actions taken quarterly throughout the project;
  • Measure social project quality indicators (IQPS) at the end of each year.


Since the beginning of the activities in the territories, we sought to identify, map and learn the IPDHs – “Indicators of Human Development Potential” – existing in São Nicolau and Novo São Norberto communities.

For this purpose we have gathered in each territory / community, in an articulated, integrated and solidary way the following trinomial:

  1. Local Human Resources and potential – the full side of the cup, capable of producing ACTION: Welcoming, Living, Learning and Opportunity. Looking at the community not for its needs, but for its potential is to build a new paradigm, a new way of looking, thinking and acting. Learning the “bright spots” and turning them into “beams of light and heat” is the professional commitment of ADCS (Healthy Community Development Agents), along with the leaders and partners that have been integrating the platform.
  2. Participation and commitment of the team and the communities involved in all stages – apprehension, consolidation and return of processes, impacts, products and results of various activities, generating community empowerment, the foundation of all programmatic actions and the construction of autonomy. For this, the permanent investment of energy and resources in the formation of the team and partner institutions is important, ensuring permanent learners, change makers, opportunity makers, generosity and citizenship promoters, builders of healthy people and communities.
  3. Educational Pedagogies – (Wheel, Toy, Hug, Soap and Full Cup), Social Technologies (Work Plan and Assessment / PTA, Monitoring Processes and Learning Outcomes / MPRA, Social Project Quality Indicators / IQPs and Innovative and Different Ways (MDIs), as well as recognized educational products (Reading Pockets, Pedagogical Games Terminals).



“I was feeling really depressed at the time Patricia told me about the proposal to have the project here in the neighborhood. At first I did not want any responsibility, since I was already frustrated with the situation in my household. So my 9-year-old daughter told me how beautiful and important I am to her, because my depression was also due to my obesity problem. So I realize how difficult it was for her too because she had many responsibilities; she was mother, sister, daughter, all at the same time. When I started to be part of the project I realized how important I am, everything I do is valued! And children never care about me being fat or having short hair. And so I show what I know to the children and I’m also learning from them, and I’ve been discovering many things in the project, such as how important I am to myself and how much I can be helping other people. My gaze changed in the face of simple things, of which I valued nothing. Today I do not need the money to go out and have fun with my kids, all I need is to make some juice, get some fruit, go to the park and I spend the day with them. We play, I run without being ashamed of my body and I see the happiness of my children. Today my 9 year old daughter is a happy person; she helps me with suggestions for activities in the project; today she is a child! I no longer see myself as an obese person, I see myself as a point of light! I have much to do and learn!” Amanda Martins Fernandes (Educator)


“With the circle here in Sementinha, we are learning to show more respect to people!” Samuel Wellington da Silva – 08 years old


“I noticed Ana Clara’s behavior change when we returned from vacation. In that period she said that it was very difficult for her because she was already used to the routine of coming to the project. When we got back from the vacation she came different, more loving and friendly and wanting to help in everything, even cleaning the project premises. She organized the games without having to ask, then gave a message to the group saying that when they finish playing with the games they should keep it very well because, if you do not care, it ends up ruined. Now she is doing a lot of reading, especially with the countless comic books of Monica’s Gang that have been donated. She does not stop reading and encourages her colleagues, telling the stories and making everyone curious and looking to read the comics.” Amanda Martins Fernandes (Educator)


“I like it a lot here, I wanted to come every day, but sometimes my mother will not let me. I also like to invent, as I did yesterday when we made a carpet out of paper straws. Here I learned to share the toys, the snack and the books. I already taught two games to my brothers and friends at school – the tic-tac-pom-pom and the dead-alive. Yesterday I also learned another game, but I have to train the game Veil and Unveil. Then before we leave we make the circle to discuss the day, we do it every day!” Mariah Cláudia Oliveira Santos – Sementinha child


“I think the project is cool, I learn playful activities, there are so many things I’ve already learned, I think I’ve learned a few games, I still do not think much. I already taught how to make a little boat and a little paper bird. If I can I can teach people to make a paper flower, I just need a pen and a sheet, but I need to train a little because the first time I did it did not work very well. I just do not like to read, because I do not know how to read very well, but I am training with the new comic books. Another thing I do not like is going to school because there’s a lot of violence there.” Breno Diego Ferreira da Silva – Sementinha child


“I got to know the Project through Mariah, she told me that she was participating in a nice project, so my brother Bruno and I came to visit and we liked it. What I like best is to play, participate in activities and take book home, so I love the book pockets, because I love to read. I feel very happy when we can take the books home and then tell the story to people. I love helping, here in the project I’m always helping my aunt deliver the snacks, not only in here but outside the project I also help when my brother and Mariah fight and I help them to chill out. I created one of the most played activities here which is called jequiti-merry-go-round. My brother introduced the activity here and everyone is playing now. I do not like it when I talk and they do not listen to me, because when they speak I listen. If I could I would change the behavior of some children.” Natiely Ferreira da Silva – Sementinha child


“What I like most about Sementinha is playing. One of the activities that I liked the most was the tail of the comet, which I have until today and the pan support. The other day I asked all the kids to sort things out because it is not cool to leave a mess because I learned to be organized. I really like to read and what I like most is the comic books of Monica’s class. I also like Sementinha after school. I was sleeping and watching TV, I do not like to stay at home all day. But I’ve loved this Sementinha since the first day!” Ana Clara de Jesus Santos – Sementinha child