PerifaSul 2050 Map

PerifaSul 2050 Map

What is it?

The PerifaSul 2050 Map is an online platform developed by the ABH Foundation, aiming to provide a connection and visibility environment for the various initiatives present in the southern periphery of São Paulo.

Through this map, anyone, initiative, or company interested in investing or collaborating with socio-cultural initiatives will have access to a wide range of relevant information. With an inclusive and comprehensive approach, the map embraces everything from civil society organizations to small informal entrepreneurs, functioning as a magnifier to understand the full potential of the Southern Periphery of São Paulo, thereby contributing to its development and strengthening.


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Origin and Objectives:

Since its inception in the southern periphery of São Paulo, the ABH Foundation has always struggled to find information related to its area of operation, whether regarding the diversity of initiatives, data, studies, statistics, etc.

To contribute knowledge about the southern periphery of São Paulo, the ABH Foundation created a blog that, since 2020, has been producing content about initiatives, themes, SDGs, and entrepreneurs from the southern periphery.

The PerifaSul 2050 Map, on the other hand, is a long-standing dream, but it was driven to become a reality by the GT of Art, Sports, and Culture of PerifaSul 2050 which, in early 2022, carried out a mapping of initiatives in the territory that work with these themes; this survey will feed the PerifaSul 2050 Map when it is launched.

The PerifaSul 2050 Map will be a portal of information related to the territory of the southern periphery of São Paulo, where, in one place, it will be possible to find information about NGOs, service providers, and public facilities with a wide variety of filters that will facilitate searches and contribute to fast and user-friendly information retrieval.

Characteristics and Benefits:

The PerifaSul 2050 Map stands out for its significant differentials for the local community and potential investors. Some of these relevant points are:

  1. Inclusion of All Types of Initiatives: The platform will embrace both formal and informal initiatives, entrepreneurs, networks, collectives, associations, movements, foundations, institutes, cooperatives, impact businesses, social enterprises, small entrepreneurs (such as artists, content creators, artisans, etc.), among others.
  2. Reference of Initiative Plurality: The PerifaSul 2050 Map will become a reference portal, allowing all initiatives present in the southern periphery of São Paulo to gain greater visibility. Thus, donors and investors can diversify their investments and find opportunities aligned with their interests and values.
  3. User-Friendly and Efficient Filters: The platform will have advanced search and filter features, making information retrieval faster and more intuitive. These filters will allow segmenting initiatives according to sectors, areas of operation, objectives, geographic location, and other relevant characteristics.
  4. Contribution to the Local Economy: In addition to highlighting social organizations and projects, the map will also include periphery service providers and products, promoting the local economy and encouraging fair and sustainable trade.
  5. Organization of Social Initiative Assets: The PerifaSul 2050 Map will present the assets of social initiatives in an organized manner, facilitating collaboration and resource sharing among local initiatives. This will contribute to strengthening the support network and promoting mutual cooperation.

For whom is it?

The PerifaSul 2050 Map is open to everyone, from individuals to companies, who wish to engage and collaborate with initiatives in the southern periphery of São Paulo. The main target audiences include:

  • Associations and Foundations
  • Community Banks
  • Collectives and Networks
  • Cooperatives
  • Companies
  • Public Facilities
  • Social Investment Funds
  • Formal and Informal Initiatives
  • Institutes
  • Social Movements
  • Impact and Social Businesses
  • Small Entrepreneurs (formal or informal)
  • Everyone interested in contributing to the southern periphery of São Paulo

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