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Year 2014

Design da Mata was a new way to market handicraft combined with design, traditional knowledge and sustainable practices. A place to foster connection between craftsman and society.

Fundação ABH supported Design da Mata in its 2014 edition, from November 26 to November 30 due to the sharing of similar values and ideals and reliance in the social impact and transformation power Design da Mata offered.

Who we are

Design da Mata consists of a space for gathering and connecting, a way of supporting works aimed at the development of traditional communities around Brazil, disseminating culture and building bridges between distinct realities through the conscious commercialization of handicrafts and the promotion of artistic and gastronomy manifestations of these communities.

Products that tell stories

More than sell, the goal is to tell a story, to introduce those who made the product, how they did, what material they have used and what technique they employed. The purpose is to create a cultural and gastronomic experience introducing to the consumer and society, several aspects related to the production, social organization and culture of the Brazilian communities.


All products of Design da Mata have their origin, management and productive process accompanied by partner organizations in several Brazilian states.


Through our partners, we provide the consumer with a journey through Brazilian gastronomy, telling the stories behind the ingredients.


The cultural program of Design da Mata includes experiences and workshops related to aspects of the history and way of life of artisans, their communities and territories.


  • More than 250 artisans represented
  • More than 30 Brazilian communities involved
  • 14 representative partners
  • Products from 13 Brazilian states
  • Products representing all Brazilian states
  • Musical performances: Fandango da Caninéia, Batucaje, Chico Malta and guests
  • Cinema: The Law of Water and the Strength of the Forest
  • 4 Workshops for Children
  • Lecture by Alex Atala on the importance of stingless bees for biodiversity with honey tasting

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