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Streghtening Leaderships Through Education

Fundação Affonso Brandão Hennel endorses Fundação Poder Jovem in the development of the Educational Leaders Seminar that consists of a seminar for school principals and pedagogical coordinators aimed at opening a discussion, clarifying and helping them in solving everyday life issues related to adolescence, more specifically in public schools. It is also aimed at the prevention of great impact issues at this age, such as pregnancy, sexual transmitted diseases, and sexuality, with a focus on breaking the intolerance walls related to these issues.

Midwest Regional Board of Education of the city of São Paulo, which is part of the São Paulo Education Department, partnered with Fundação Poder Jovem so that principals and pedagogical coordinators from 75 public schools could attend this seminar and contribute to spreading its purport.

Main expert figures from the different areas addressed in the seminar were invited and art performances raised awareness about these issues. The Ministry of Health sent an official to address the Aids issue in Brazil, its background and how this disease is affecting teenagers.

This rich subject matter taken to more than 200 public education leaders will be reproduced in their schools, having a direct impact on over 3400 teachers and an indirect impact on over 56.000 students.

  • Direct impact: 200 people would attend the Seminar.
  • Indirect impact: 600 people connected to these leaders would pass on the information to their families and personal network.
  • Global impact: Over 59.000 people among students and teachers.


  • Direct impact: 200 people attending the seminar;
  • Indirect impact: 600 people linked to these leaders by dissemination in their home and by means of personal relationship;
  • Overall impact: over 59,000 people among students and teachers.


  • AIDS AND EDUCATION: AWARENESS AND TRANSFORMING. Speaker: Dr. Glória Brunetti / Number of Participants: 193.
  • SEXUALITY AND ADOLESCENCE. Speaker: Dr. Ronaldo Pamplona. / Number of Participants: 168.
  • AIDS: HISTORY, CHALLENGES AND CURRENT STATUS OF ADOLESCENTS IN BRAZIL. Speaker: Alicia Kruger. / Number of Participants: 190.
  • SOCIAL EXPRESSION THEATER PERFORMANCE. Speaker: Sandra Santos./ Number of Participants: 196.
  • ADOLESCENT PREGNANCY. Speaker: Dr. Fatima Duarte. / Number of Participants: 186.
  • DOCUMENTARY: “FOR LIFE”. Speaker: Jaime Morales. / Number of Participants: 183.
  • 21st CENTURY EDUCATOR PROFILE. Speaker: Prof. Mario Sérgio Cortella. / Number of Participants: 219.