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Access to affordable and sustainable light source for riverine families without electricity

According to the Brazilian Institute of Geography and Statistics (IBGE), over 715.000 families do not have access to electricity in Brazil. In the state of Amazonas, about 5.600 rural communities lack regular access to electricity. Light is supplied by candles, diesel generators or kerosene lamps, which creates a health hazard to families and puts the environment at risk.

Liter of Light is an initiative developed in about 21 countries to provide an affordable and sustainable light source to communities without electricity. The methodology uses natural light passing through recycled PET bottles as a source of light. The project will take this solution to riverside families in Caapiranga, in the state of Amazonas, focusing on schools and public areas.



The support provided by Fundação ABH and BrazilFoundation aimed at enabling:

  • The setting up of 350 street light poles and 200 light night bulbs in the area;
  • The training of about 1.000 residents who will participate on the installation;
  • The lighting of all 10 local schools, benefiting over 3.000 students.



The following results were achieved in our first (September 2016) and second action (March 2017):

  • 240 solutions were installed (light poles and solar lamps);
  • Approximately 20 ambassadors (residents of riverside communities who will be the main contacts and technicians of the facilities in their communities) were trained and qualified;
  • 7 Communities benefited;
  • 800 people were impacted;
  • 60 participating volunteers.