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Income and work opportunities to young adults in audiovisual production

Campo Limpo region is one of the most complex areas of São Paulo/SP, with a population estimated at 600.000 residents of which 52% range between the ages of 0 and 29. This age range is when the individual reaches the peak in its creative capacity. For the youth however, leisure, work and education opportunities are highly limited.

Created by young residentes of Campo Limpo, News School aims to promote transformation in different communities by using information and communications technology (ICT). The school is a Social Business with projects subsided by selling products and services.


The support of Fundação ABH and BrazilFoundation aimed at enabling:

  • The existence of a completion module for the course Escola Comunitária de Comunicação, which will train 30 teenagers in Journalism and Creative Writing, Photography and Video and Graphic Design;
  • Cultural field trips: visits to TV and radio stations, newspapers and magazines newsrooms, animation studios, followed by chatting with professionals in the area;
  • The Purchase of permanent equipment for audiovisual editing.


  • Self-knowledge and personal development workshops: exercises and discussion about school, multiple intelligences, ways of learning and teaching, peer education;
  • Journalistic practice techniques: journalistic characteristics, cohesion and coherence, lead / inverted pyramid / title / editorials / news, ​​photojournalism, functions, production costs, sources, review;
  • Audiovisual practice workshops: script, film set functions, direction, photography direction, lighting, art direction, sound, production, editing;
  • Training of more empathic, ethical and active communicators for the transformation of society;
  • 33 young people trained in communication to increase access to social, cultural and economic rights among youth;
  • The youngsters produced a documentary about areas occupied by peripheral culture collective environments and a short film about the life of youth in schools;
  • Production of a Fanzine with stories of neighbors as its main motto, a medium-length film and a blog where the stories and the school community are the main players;
  • 1500 people indirectly impacted between family, friends and student group of each young person involved.

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