Educa Viela Project



Jardim São Luís is one of the 10 districts with the lowest average per capita income among overall and juvenile population (source: São Paulo Youth Map), and also include in the fourth (out of five) highest risk group for Youth Vulnerability (Seade Foundation, 2000-2010).

Many public schools fail to give attention and care for child intellectual and emotional development. It is very difficult for the conventional school to support students to achieve their dreams, to develop as human beings and to reach their full potential. The Viela Project and CIEJA fill this gap, offering a pedagogical extension of school formation. In a more inclusive and participative process, with subjects such as mathematics and Portuguese, creation of projects is debated, deepened and studied, generating more self-confidence to the student who realizes that there is someone that is indeed interested in helping him in his self-development and in the pursue of happiness!

Educa Viela is a project that aims to give a new meaning what a process of critical, constructive and engaging learning can do for the child and the youth of Jardim Ibirapuera. More than an educational support activity, this project wants to show young people that they have incredible potential within themselves, and that this potential can have as a first point of transformation: their own community.

Educa project consists of 3 weekly periods totally created with the participation of youngsters. Two of these periods provide a space of educational reinforcement for literacy – based on the daily life of the group – and a period, on Saturdays, with workshops for community engagement where the idea is to enable young people to find in their own community a space for learning and creating solutions to their main personal and collective challenges.

The project has a transformation and impact perspective that is totally focused on a continuous cycle of ownership and development of the community, through and for it. Thus, Educa Viela is born as a proposal to remedy much more than the school lags of a group of young people, but rather to open their eyes to their own potential and to the capacities of change present in the individual and in the community strength. 

Thus, Educa Viela seeks to work on building a community with a quality, inclusive and participative school, generating citizens committed to the place where they live, able to access work opportunities, a community with more conscious, connected and cooperative people. The project also seeks to raise families with better quality of life and better income, young people and children enabled to pursue and achieve their dreams, with access to studies and feeling successful in their role in the world!  




Work on building a community with a quality, inclusive and participative school, generating committed citizens with the place where they live, able to access work opportunities, a community with more conscious, connected and cooperative people.

Families with better quality of life and better income. Young people and children able to realize their dreams, with access to studies and accomplished in front of what they want to do and their role in the world!

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Viela Project has a history of challenges and victories and by that it has created its own methodology of cohesion and social support that, from its inception, leaves a legacy on how it is possible to one appropriate its own history. Viela demonstrated the potential of connecting the community to the project, absorbing new perspectives on its resources and challenges in a totally collective and entrepreneurial way.

CIEJA Campo Limpo works in the education of youths and adults and is a public school open all day, where the main characters are the residents of the neighborhood, the decisions are taken as a group, and the key word is “respect”. CIEJA is recognized by UNESCO as a Transformative School.  

Flexible Investment

ABH Foundation works with flexible investment for the organizations it supports. The main goals that Projeto Educa Viela aims are:


  • To expand and develop the knowledge and basic contents of the literacy process for children, adolescents and young people of Jd. Ibirapuera, in order to work on their individual perspective and their collective (community) impact;   
  • To promote a learning process different from the Brazilian conventional education model, through practical activities and interaction with the Jd. Ibirapuera community;   
  • To awaken the participants to self-knowledge, personal prominence and a sense of citizenship;
  • Encourage participants to engage in community challenges / solutions through the realization of their seed projects, which will be developed as a group.